Make a Plan and Stick With It - Planning & Prioritizing

The natural extension of setting goals is seeing them through. However, it is one thing to set a goal; it is a different thing to come up with a plan to achieve it. With the increased expectation that students complete long-term research papers and project-based learning assignments, learning how to plan a strategy for completion and see it through is more critical than ever.

  • Give students a few minutes at the end of each day to prioritize their nightly homework in planners by numbering assignments from first to last. Starting with the most difficult work is often a good choice so students are mentally fresh.

  • Use project-planning tools like the Research Planning Calculator to create step-by-step timelines for long term assignments.

  • Share scoring rubrics with students before they begin assignments. Rubrics provide a visual map of expectations and are perfect starting points for planning projects and writing as well as encouraging students to reflect critically on their work.

  • Teach students to plan before writing by brainstorming and outlining. Apps like Inspiration are great tools for visual-learners.

  • Engage students with games and activities that involve strategic planning, like chess and capture the flag.​

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