Procrastination - Initiating Work

Getting back into a routine after a vacation can be a challenge for any of us, but students who have weak task initiation skills may find it particularly difficult.

  • Provide students with a “Task Initiation Table” worksheet. Ask students to write down the task they need to accomplish, estimate the time it will take to complete the work, and track start and finish time. Start with small tasks that are readily achievable.

  • Use verbal and nonverbal cues to signal the start of new tasks. For example, prompt students with keywords like “now” or “first” and gently tap your fingers on their desks.

  • Build in breaks. Let students know that after they have worked for a set time they will have a fun break activity. Younger students or those with attention difficulties may need to start with short 5 – 10 minute effort times. Make brain breaks a part of your daily schedule.

  • Don’t punish students by taking away recess. Exercise is crucial and often students who struggle in the classroom need these movement opportunities the most.​

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