I Can't Take It Anymore - Emotional Control

It is the depth of winter and the novelty of a new school year has long since worn off. Many students, parents, and teachers alike have reached their breaking points. It is time for all of us to focus on developing our emotional control skills.

  • Consult with the school counselor, most have some type of mindfulness training. Ask for classroom tips or invite her into the classroom to teach your students relaxation and anxiety reduction strategies.

  • Dim the lights, get your students comfortable, and play a guided relaxation audio like this free one for children.

  • Present typical scenarios where students may become frustrated or upset, such as playground confrontations, transition times, and test days. Have students take turns role-playing these situations and suggest simple go to phrases or methods for handling each scenario.​

"Building Executive Functioning Skills throughout the School Year." HelpTeachingcom RSS. 21 Mar. 2014. Web

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